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Если покупать одежду, то натуральную, если сумку, то кожаную, и тоже натуральную. Если белорусский бренд кожаных изделий, то «Маттиоли».

Наталья Топольчан, учредитель

Company Mattioli


«Mattioli» today - one of the largest manufacturers of leather goods of Belarus.
  • 1998 2014

    Focusing on women's range , in particular, on the fashionable female bag brand «Mattioli» in the first few years , not only won the fashionistas across Minsk and Belarus - its known, loved and worn in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and many other cities and regions. The company manufactures products in September 1998, and since 2001 began production of men's and women's waist belt .

Italian materials and hardware , as well as his own style seasonal collections made ​easily recognizable products «Mattioli».

Basic material for female bags from «Mattioli» - leather of various textured and texture solutions: glossy, as if waxed, brushed with a delicate surface relief with stamping «reptile», with printed or perforated pattern or classic velor.

Therefore, you can always pick from the collection «Mattioli» is exactly what you need: an ergonomic bag for active city daily; constructively the verified model in the best traditions of an Italian classic that's sure to inspire envy your business mates; miniature handbag on an elegant chain for starry night out or an alternative solution to youth with lots of pockets and decorative elements - all our models for modern ladies who feel that such a style.

The specifics of the company - an individual approach to each model , and careful selection of materials and multivariate fittings.


  • 1998

    Foreign enterprise «Mattioli» was established in 1998 by Mr. Quinto Mattioli. Having started with two sewing machines, the company has grown rapidly, occupying a niche among competing giant enterprises. Focusing on women's assortment, the brand «Mattioli» conquered women not only in Minsk, but also throughout Belarus.

  • 2001

    2001, the company started the production of male and female lap belts of leather and imitation leather. Italian accessories and exquisite Italian style made ​easily recognizable products «Mattioli», which has now been presented in large shops and department stores of the country.

  • 2004

    The company has created a highly structured and sophisticated production, thanks to the acquisition of its own production area in Zaslavl, Minsk region. And also started to create its proprietary network of shops in Minsk, Mogilev, Brest and Gomel.

  • 2006

    In February 2006, the foreign company «Mattioli» was transformed into a joint-venture company with limited liability. Increased power and technical equipment of the enterprise.

  • 2014

    Today the company «Mattioli» is one of the market leaders in the production of Belarus leather goods. Proposed colors, a wide range of products can satisfy any buyer inquiries.

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Говорят, что в модной сумочке прячутся все женские тайны. Не совсем так… Перекинутый через плечо или украшающий талию стильный аксессуар от «Маттиоли» - вот новый и главный секрет Ваших женских побед.



15 April 2014

Preparing a translation

15 April 2014

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Тел/факс: +375 (017) 516-52-48(49)

Для писем: 220064, г. Минск-64, а/я 39.СООО "Маттиоли"







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